API-driven app development on the hybrid cloud

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On-premise systems retain decades of crucial data—the transaction records and account information that is so useful to understanding and serving customers. Yet experienced IT leaders may not be sure how to purpose this data to accommodate the economy’s pivot toward apps digital customer engagement.

The hybrid cloud concept is ideal for this sort of data-reliant app development—a service drawing from on-premise, private and public cloud resources to support efforts in the same organization. Sponsored by Akana, this whitepaper examines how an API-oriented data delivery model, established in the hybrid cloud and involving assets like IBM Bluemix, Softlayer, and DataPower can achieve the data-enriched apps that make consumers notice products and services.

Read how the complexities of app development are made simple by an API-driven model. This whitepaper covers:

  • How on-premise systems remain a long-term location for structured and unstructured data
  • Why companies are misguided into ad-hoc methods of app development and how to avoid such workflows
  •  How IBM Softlayer and Bluemix enable teams to utilize Akana’s developer portal for app development
  • Understand the aims and stresses on CIOs, marketers, app developers, and enterprise developers and how an API method can facilitate collaboration between these groups
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