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IBM and The Weather Company team to strengthen hurricane preparation

evacuation route
June 25, 2015
When a hurricane rushes toward the United States coast, most people do the exact same thing—turn on The Weather Channel. The precise, immediate reporting gets towns in the storm track ready for the mayhem. READ MORE >>

You’ve heard of Watson; but how can cognitive computing work for your business?

June 05, 2015

There’s no question anymore—cognitive computing is here to stay. During May’s World of Watson event, IBM announced that it was welcoming 270 new commercial partners to the Watson Ecosystem, an amalgamation of developers and entrepreneurs creating Watson-powered apps on the Bluemix platform.


Personality, in the moment: IBM Watson and Chaotic Moon infer audience traits in real time

June 02, 2015

Last fall, as its Watson cognitive computing system grew in prominence in the culture’s fascination with instant technology, IBM opened the product’s gleaming new headquarters. The opening aimed to showcase Watson’s skillset, emphasize IBM’s commitment to its customers, and get people excited—which was easy to do, considering the opening was in the middle of New York City.


IBM supports world R&D community’s ‘Battle of the Brains’

circuit board
May 26, 2015
Each year, going back to1977, exceptionally smart students are taken by the promise of competition and enter the International Collegiate Programming Contest. It is the Champions League of computer science. Teams survive local and regional rounds to qualify for the finals, which were held this year in Morocco; over 38,000 people around the world joined the 2015 contest, solving problems, enduring “relentlessly strict” judging, and enjoying IBM’s enthusiastic sponsorship of the ICPC. READ MORE >>

Live Q&A transcript: Considering cognitive computing with Judith Hurwitz

hands raised
May 19, 2015
Artificial intelligence has arrived in the commercial world. IBM Watson, robots, natural language processing, and machine learning are all active technologies in dozens of industries. Insights Magazine and Judith Hurwitz, President and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates, hosted an online audience of professionals eager to ask questions about cognitive computing, the most high-profile AI form today. READ MORE >>