SOA and API Convergence: What It Means for IBM Customers


Industry analysts and early adopters alike correctly agree that SOA and API management technologies will converge in the future. Read this engaging whitepaper to understand the how and why surrounding this much talked about SOA and API convergence. Learn about the different models of convergence, which convergence model is most suitable for IBM customers, and most importantly, what type of real-world enterprise architecture successfully implements the ideal convergence model.

The described architecture utilizes the IBM WebSphere DataPower line of appliances alongside SOA Software's full lifecycle SOA and API management solution. This whitepaper delves into how this architecture provides an optimal model of SOA and API convergence within a rich IBM backend environment that includes IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM Integration Bus, and the System z.

Learn why SOA and API technologies are both so important to the future of your IBM infrastructure. Prepare your IBM environment for this convergence of SOA and API in a way that leads to cost savings, the realization of both SOA and API strategic benefits, and a unified enterprise. Finally, uncover how to use SOA Software's management solutions to leverage powerful IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances for these purposes.

Download this whitepaper to:

• Understand the different models of SOA and API convergence, and which are optimal for you

• Prepare for the coming convergence of SOA and API technology in an IBM environment

• Leverage IBM WebSphere DataPower for both internal SOA services and external APIs to implement the optimal convergence model

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