Infographic: Human vs Machine

June 16, 2015

The rise of artificial intelligence has inspired the wildest reports of a new robot economy—and of humanity losing ground to its AI creations. Just last week, Chinese researchers reported that their deep learning system can outperform the average human at verbal reasoning, a traditionally difficult area for AI. Yet, this is only the most recent contest between people and machines, who have a long history of competition—and of symbiosis.



Webcast: Streamlining deployments in a large WebSphere environment

June 15, 2015
IT departments are under continued pressure to perform faster and with increased efficiency. When it comes to sprawling IT ecosystems, it can be cheaper in the short-term to build environments and develop scripts by hand, but as systems grow larger, inconsistencies are inevitable and the need for increased automation becomes apparent. READ MORE >>

How cognitive computing can fit your business: A Live Q&A with Thought Leader and Author Judith Hurwitz

Judith Hurwitz
April 30, 2015

Register now for this Live Q&A on May 15 to ask Judith Hurwitz, Technology Strategist, Thought Leader, and Author of the newly published book, “Cognitive Computing & Big Data Analytics,” your questions about the most anticipated and talked-about technology in analytics.


Podcast: The importance of social business across the enterprise and the globe

Gerald Kane
April 28, 2015
Social business is critical to success in today’s economy, yet most companies continue to lack sophistication when it comes to the implementation of social technologies and the execution of social strategies. In this podcast, hear from Gerald (Gerry) Kane, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Boston College to learn more. READ MORE >>

Infographic: Steps to social maturity

social media infographic
April 22, 2015

Social business maturity is directly related to the level of results companies achieve. Learn how businesses reach success in social maturity.

Check here to check out Part 1 of this infographic to discover how social media has shown its worth in the global market and how advanced businesses measure their success.