Social Business

IBM, Facebook team up to offer exact, resonant marketing messages

Facebook IBM
May 08, 2015
Timing and precision—without them, marketing messages get lost in the world economy’s endless chatter. It is a common challenge for marketers; with startling frequency, most people brush aside or ignore spam, click bait, and YouTube ads. A 2014 British survey of 2,000 consumers found that 56 percent of unopened emails came from brands. READ MORE >>

Reborn after communism’s fall, Berlin’s tech class receives IBM support

May 06, 2015
There are cities known for technological ambition: Palo Alto, Tel Aviv, Tokyo—and now Berlin. Long poor and struggling in the post-communist word, the capital of Germany has become a center of tech creativity and investment. Multinational companies now look to the city as a base of operations, and a startup is born in Berlin each day. READ MORE >>

3 tips to get on the path to the best social strategy

social business
May 05, 2015
Gerald “Jerry” Kane, Associate Professor of Information Systems at Boston College, explains his three pieces of advice to companies that want to ramp up their social strategy or embark on a new social journey. He shares his thoughts on how to increase the success factor of your social endeavor. READ MORE >>

Podcast: The importance of social business across the enterprise and the globe

Gerald Kane
April 28, 2015
Social business is critical to success in today’s economy, yet most companies continue to lack sophistication when it comes to the implementation of social technologies and the execution of social strategies. In this podcast, hear from Gerald (Gerry) Kane, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Boston College to learn more. READ MORE >>

Discover the value in social business

Gerald Kane
April 27, 2015
Social media has placed its imprint on the world and has already impacted society in big ways. A new study shows that social platforms are now also poised to fundamentally change the way business is done. READ MORE >>