10 Simple Steps to Improve Application Deployment to IBM WebSphere

November 10, 2015

This whitepaper offers valuable takeaways to turbocharge your IBM WebSphere application deployments. Broken down into 10 tips in three categories—versioning, automation, and integration—these practices help you shed release manuals and deliver faster deployments.


API-driven app development on the hybrid cloud

September 11, 2015

On-premise systems retain decades of crucial data—the transaction records and account information that is so useful to understanding and serving customers. Yet experienced IT leaders may not be sure how to purpose this data to accommodate the economy’s pivot toward apps digital customer engagement. In this whitepaper read how the complexities of app development are made simple by an API-driven model.


Contain Costs and Mitigate Risks of Transactions on the Middleware Superhighway

Avada Software
December 23, 2014
How do you manage all of these complex environments easily, while containing costs, mitigating risk, and still getting home for dinner each night? In this article, learn an approach to middleware management from the experiences of an IT veteran; an expert in management and monitoring of transactional environments. Discover a simple visualization technique for understanding your middleware world and find out how to expand the monitored environment without overburdening staff. READ MORE >>

Proactive vs. Forensic – middleware – Health Monitoring

Avada Software
December 22, 2014
A proactive approach to middleware management is like a healthy lifestyle. If you make wise choices and catch problems early, you prevent costly procedures later. Discover how such proactive measures—often considered too expensive by many IT managers—can shape a middleware strategy that detects anomalies and problems before they escalate. See how metrics can be established and used to monitor system performance, like a patient who chooses to monitor his/her health to mitigate the risk of a heart attack. READ MORE >>

Unlocking Big Data: Spot the Patterns in Your Data that Lead to Actionable Insight

November 06, 2014

Big data promises a lot, yet few businesses have mastered what it takes turn this data into actionable insight. Boardrooms see the value in analytics or business intelligence (BI) as a way to make business predictions and gain a competitive advantage. jKool is a new open-source SaaS solution that gives business executives self-service insight into customers and products, allows data scientists to detect trends in real time, and supplies data engineers an easy-to-use “analytical tool in a box” to acquire scalable and manageable system.