10 Simple Steps to Improve Application Deployment to IBM WebSphere

November 10, 2015

This whitepaper offers valuable takeaways to turbocharge your IBM WebSphere application deployments. Broken down into 10 tips in three categories—versioning, automation, and integration—these practices help you shed release manuals and deliver faster deployments.


Education Course: WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Scripting and Automation

WAS Course
September 24, 2015
This course teaches you the skills that are required to automate the administration of a WebSphere Application Server V8.5 environment. Most administrative tasks are multi-step and repeatedly used, and GUI-based administration tools can quickly become impractical and even a burden. WebSphere Application Server offers a collection of tools and technologies that you can use to create automated scripts, facilitating system administration. READ MORE >>

API-driven app development on the hybrid cloud

September 11, 2015

On-premise systems retain decades of crucial data—the transaction records and account information that is so useful to understanding and serving customers. Yet experienced IT leaders may not be sure how to purpose this data to accommodate the economy’s pivot toward apps digital customer engagement. In this whitepaper read how the complexities of app development are made simple by an API-driven model.


IBM and The Weather Company team to strengthen hurricane preparation

evacuation route
June 25, 2015
When a hurricane rushes toward the United States coast, most people do the exact same thing—turn on The Weather Channel. The precise, immediate reporting gets towns in the storm track ready for the mayhem. READ MORE >>

Infographic: Human vs Machine

June 16, 2015

The rise of artificial intelligence has inspired the wildest reports of a new robot economy—and of humanity losing ground to its AI creations. Just last week, Chinese researchers reported that their deep learning system can outperform the average human at verbal reasoning, a traditionally difficult area for AI. Yet, this is only the most recent contest between people and machines, who have a long history of competition—and of symbiosis.



Webcast: Streamlining deployments in a large WebSphere environment

June 15, 2015
IT departments are under continued pressure to perform faster and with increased efficiency. When it comes to sprawling IT ecosystems, it can be cheaper in the short-term to build environments and develop scripts by hand, but as systems grow larger, inconsistencies are inevitable and the need for increased automation becomes apparent. READ MORE >>

IBM and Portico Consultancy offer new cloud services

cloud thought
June 10, 2015
With an eye toward more engaging customer experiences, IBM and Dutch firm Portico Consultancy this week revealed new cloud services to help businesses build, test, and deploy applications. READ MORE >>

You’ve heard of Watson; but how can cognitive computing work for your business?

June 05, 2015

There’s no question anymore—cognitive computing is here to stay. During May’s World of Watson event, IBM announced that it was welcoming 270 new commercial partners to the Watson Ecosystem, an amalgamation of developers and entrepreneurs creating Watson-powered apps on the Bluemix platform.