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by Natalie Miller • @natalieatWIS

Green Status Pro offers conflict minerals reporting through IBM Cloud marketplace

Published May 09, 2014


Green Status Pro has partnered with IBM to deliver Green Status Pro’s cloud-based compliance management service platform through the IBM Cloud marketplace and is offering IBM clients a free trial of its industry-leading conflict minerals reporting service.

IBM announced its marketplace at IBM Impact last week as a service that brings Big Blue’s various cloud capabilities and new third-party services together in one location. Green Status Pro joins over 200 IBM and business partner software and services of software-, platform-, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions.

Last fall, Green Status Pro began offering its compliance services through the cloud-computing company IBM SoftLayer. With its mission in mind to simplify the regulatory lives of operations managers, Green Status Pro opted to offer its software solutions in the cloud and automate compliance procedures that were previously performed manually.

Now, to encourage executives responsible for SEC conflict minerals reporting to use the new IBM Cloud marketplace, Green Status Pro is offering IBM Cloud marketplace clients an expanded free trial. IBM clients can submit up to 15 EICC-GeSI Conflict Minerals Report Templates (CMRTs) and the service will provide them with critical RCOI (reasonable country of origin inquiry) reports valued at $4,500.

“The IBM Cloud marketplace is a great place for enterprise software solutions like Green Status Pro. It is a new market channel for developers and integrators that want to get to the cloud as efficiently as possible,” says Robert Kasameyer, President of Green Status Pro. “These folks now have a trusted channel where they can find targeted solutions and tools for their needs. It is ideal for companies like Green Status Pro, who is introducing a new area of enterprise software, compliance automation.”

IBM clients are encouraged to go to the Green Status Pro entry in the marketplace and click on either “Buy Now” or “Editions and Pricing > Free Trial.”  Green Status Pro is the only Conflict Minerals Reporting software service included in the IBM Cloud marketplace.

“Our customers are required to comply, but want to minimize their compliance costs,” says Kasameyer. “Offering our software in a SaaS package through IBM’s marketplace allows us to get our name and unique functionality out to efficiently reach the marketplace.”

This offer is extremely timely, as the SEC’s Chairman Mary Jo White earlier last week affirmed, “SEC will proceed implementing Conflict Minerals.” On May 31 each year, according to Green Status Pro, SEC Filers subject to the conflict minerals reporting requirements of Dodd-Frank Section 1502 must file Form SD and include a description of their reasonable country of origin inquiry (RCOI) process and findings. The RCOI process requires obtaining EICC-GeSI CMRTs from all suppliers whose products contain Conflict Minerals—gold, tin, tungsten, or tantalum—validate their data, create a Consolidated Smelter Report, and then publish the company’s own Conflict Minerals Report.

Visit the IBM Cloud marketplace to learn more.



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