WebSphere Insights releases new article on IBM Omni-channel commerce

DEDHAM, MASS., March 28, 2013 - WebSphere Insights announced today that it released a new article on how the world of commerce is changing with technology.

“Be a smooth operator with IBM WebSphere omni-channel commerce” details IBM’s new strategy to make commerce easily available across multiple channels—in store, online and mobile.

“Shoppers aren’t just going to a store to make a purchase anymore,” says Cara Hogan, Features Editor for WebSphere Insights. “They’re doing research online, comparing in-store prices using a mobile app and having out-of-stock items delivered to their door.”

IBM has created a new portfolio of all the commerce solutions available, better integrating IBM WebSphere Commerce, analytics, social media and mobile capabilities, according to Peter Wharton, IBM Commerce Product Marketing Manager at IBM.

“In the commerce market, we’re experiencing dramatic shifts brought on by what we’re terming the ‘empowered customer,’” Wharton says. “This is a customer using mobile, social, and other technologies and it’s really changed who has control. Now it’s the customer that has control rather than the company.”

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Sean Edwards

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Wellesley Information Services

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