WebSphere Insights reveals how to run WebSphere Application Server (WAS) on world’s tiniest computer

DEDHAM, MASS., January 13, 2012 – WebSphere Insights today announced the release of a new article focused on how the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile was able to run on Raspberry Pi, a computer no larger than a credit card.

In the story, “Liberty Profile serves up a healthy slice of business innovation with Raspberry Pi,” IBM Technology Evangelist Simon Maple explained how he came up with the idea to run the Liberty Profile on Raspberry Pi.

“Maple decided to showcase the lightweight, new Liberty Profile in the most exciting way possible,” says Cara Hogan, Features Editor for WebSphere Insights. “He showed that it’s possible to run middleware on an incredibly miniscule computer.”

In an impressive demonstration, Maple was able to use the computer and WAS to control the lights and a water fountain on a home located 50 miles away. A video showcasing the project went viral last year and developers and tech enthusiasts alike were excited by the possibilities of this new advancement.

To read the article, visit www.websphereinsights.com.


Sean Edwards
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Wellesley Information Services
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