by Sarah Cenedella • @SarahatWIS

Editorial: Letter from the Publisher

Published July 17, 2013


Dear reader,

How do your skills and salary stack up against those of your peers? How about those for your employees, and future hires? Staying competitive in the market goes far beyond your products and the technologies that support them, and extends into your company’s greatest asset: people. While data on skills and salaries for the greater IT landscape is easy to come by, drilling down into the WebSphere market and related jobs using IBM technology isn’t normally at-the-ready.  

With this in mind, WebSphere Insights performed our first-annual IBM WebSphere Skills and Salaries Survey to unearth what is needed to be successful in this market. Then we talked to industry leaders, headhunters, and hiring managers to find out which WebSphere skills are in greatest demand, what titles offer the greatest growth potential, and where to gain knowledge on new, essential technologies. We found that there’s tough competition for top-notch skills, but employees can keep up with the rapidly-changing technology world.

Already think your team’s WebSphere skills are up to par? Compare your knowledge with the data in the new WebSphere Jobs Infographic.

Also in this issue, learn how IBM and AT&T are collaborating to expand offerings for mobile and e-commerce using IBM Worklight technology and AT&T’s APIs and cloud portfolios. Delve into IBM’s most recent acquisition, SoftLayer, a cloud infrastructure provider that will integrate with IBM’s SmartCloud offerings and how this affects you.

In an exclusive Q&A with Ed Brill, this leader of the IBM MobileFirst initiative discusses how businesses can keep pace with the rapid advancements of mobile technology, how to set a sound mobile strategy, what skills your team needs to compete in a mobile marketplace, and what the future holds for this technology boon.

IBM also announced the merger of two major products—IBM WebSphere Message Broker (IBM WMB) and IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (IBM ESB)—into the new IBM Integration Bus V9.0 solution. Find out what this means for existing users of IBM WMB and IBM ESB and the unique value that the new combined solution offers.

Everyone’s talking Java these days, so take a deep look at Zing, a Java-based solution for IBM WebSphere Application Server. And read a comprehensive profile of Nastel’s AutoPilot software, which can save time and money by eliminating false alarms in middleware applications.

In between checking email and the daily office routine, stay up-to-date with information you’ll use to help advance your career. WebSphere Insights is your one-stop resource.

Sarah Cenedella
WebSphere Insights



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